Our History

The Sierra Dorada Foundation was founded in 2005, by the initiative of Julio and Patricia Laciar. In 1998, Julio and Patricia decided to leave their private jobs and began to help orphaned children. They worked with children in a home in the mountains of Córdoba. Later, having gained more experience, in the year 2000 they opened the doors of the Children’s Home in San Marcos Sierras.

From that moment, what was a dream of Julio and Patricia, became a project of all. In these more than fifteen years of life, our Foundation has incorporated new projects motivated by the same feeling: to improve the lives of boys and girls in vulnerable situations.

Let’s get to know a little more about our founding uncles

What was your life like before you started with the Home?

“Since we got married, our lives have been spent entirely in the province of Córdoba. Patricia was a language student, and a language and languages ​​teacher. For my part (Julio) I had various jobs in commerce and sales. But outside of our work environment, we were always in contact with boys.” -July

What motivated you to start working with children?

“Many wonder what is the reason why two people with such different professions dedicated their lives to social work with children. And the question is logical for those who do not know the real reason, but the truth is that an event forever marked the course of our destiny as a family. In 1998, Julio was diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney: a malignant tumor of 17 cm. It ended with the hopes of the future. After many months of chemotherapy, three days in a deep coma, seven months in a wheelchair and 35 kilos lighter, Julio miraculously began to recover to the amazement of doctors, family and friends.

Many churches of different denominations, many religious groups joined in prayer for the health of July, many friends and family helped and supported us all the time. Within a year, Julio was fully recovered.

We then thought that our mission on this earth went beyond the plans we had outlined when we got married, so we decided to give back to God, to life, to our fellow men, a little of everything we had received in that difficult time of the illness. We didn’t think much about it and soon we were already training in a children’s home. A few years later, we started our home in San Marcos and then we shaped it with the Foundation” -Patri

How many children have passed through the Home to date?

“Today we have 3 enabled homes: San Marcos, Embalse and Córdoba Capital. In 2016, we supported the initiative of a foster family in Embalse, starting a new home in that city. And in 2017, we began the management of the “Eva Perón” Home, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice of the Province. Approximately we assist more than 65 children of different ages. We cannot keep an exact accounting, since we have a very high turnover of children. We are constantly receiving children from the government, who we take care of for a few days or stay with us for years, until they come of age and we see them insert themselves independently.” -July and Patri

What motivates you daily to continue working for children?

“Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, understanding that we are fulfilling His mandate. We firmly believe that, “our concern should not only be for the people who do bad things, it should also be for the good people who do nothing for their fellow man” – words of Reverend Martin Luther King… From the beginning until today, We have dedicated ourselves to promoting actions of goodwill and adding more people to this feeling.” –Julio and Patri

What have been the important events in recent years?

“Every day that passes and we manage to save a child. It is the most important event that we have as a Foundation. Of course there are very beautiful and significant situations. But nothing compares when a child or adolescent manages to get out and join a family.” -Patri