Home-Workshop for children and adolescents

A space for healthy and comprehensive growth for children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability. A place of comprehensive care to protect, contain and improve the lives of children.

We provide specialized treatment to socially include children, victims of social problems and judicialized. We work with daily programs, specific to each situation.

We carry out dynamics aimed at educational and labor development In addition, sports, recreational and manual activities. We have psychological and medical assistance services.

Home San Marcos Sierra

Our house in San Marcos is a mansion with 2 blocks of rooms, one for men and one for women, and 3 houses for the caregivers. We have a pre-graduation house for older adolescents, a swimming pool, SUM, a dining room for 60 people, a carpentry workshop, and a one-hectare natural property. We have an accommodation capacity of 30 children.

Our uncles-caretakers:

Responsible: Julio Laciar and Patricia Gaite

Address: Los Quebrachos S/N, San Marcos (CP: 5282)

Home El Diquecito

Our house in Diquesito, consists of new facilities with independent rooms with internal bathroom for girls, children’s room, 2 bathrooms, SUM, soccer field, basketball and volleyball court, park and swimming pool. We can host 20 children.

Our uncles-caretakers:

In charge: Daniel Aluen and Denise Bepmale

Address: Angelo de Peredo 142, Diquecito

Home Embalse

Our Embalse house has 3 bedrooms, a dining room, 2 bathrooms, and a patio with a pool. We can house 12 girls in a building.

Our uncles-caretakers:

Responsible: Silvia Duarte

Address: Velez Sarsfield 888, Embalse

Our Institutional Vision

Our greatest desire is to establish ourselves as an institutional benchmark for children and adolescents within our area of ​​influence.

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